Civil works and infrastructure management based on BIM, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
Bimtrazer is a service platform focused on saving time and money. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied to BIM models on SB2 methodology
What is SB2?
It is a computational methodology that performs the detection of incidents and prediction of its future impact.
It comes from the acronym SBSB or SB2:
(Serialization of Building Sequence Blocks).
This methodology works from a BIM model in IFC format.
It consists of dividing or atomizing the model into coded blocks under a criteria of real and bounded construction. Dependencies are established with other blocks according to their constructive sequence. The blocks are serialized and synchronized to the project schedule. The building inspector certifies the construction quality of the executed block and that code is transmitted by telemetry to the platform. Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze the geometries and yields of the blocks executed in the model. The quantities of general work are quantified, the blocks with critical path delays are detected and the constructive items are evaluated in a learning machine to determine future behavior and predict the impact by displacement.
The information is shared, automatically and selectively, on a virtual workspace, called CDE (Common Data Environment), made up of the architects, engineers and contractors who direct and execute the construction.
The history of the constructive sequence is protected in a blockchain.
Virtual Reality
Blockchain is the safest mechanism to guarantee the integrity of work progress records.
NEM is a decentralized platform that was designed from scratch, focusing mainly on speed, scalability and versatility of use. The NEM smart asset system is ideal for storing information metadata and decentralizing it in more than 1,000 nodes around the world.
Decentralization and successive encryption of data prevents any subsequent manipulation in the history of the work.
Virtual Reality
Bimtrazer takes advantage of the BIM model to stereoscopically visualize the current state of the work.

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