Smart Control Report for the

Contractor or team-work

The SCR-B (Smart Control Report – B) is automatically distributed via WA or Telegram to each team responsible for a specific specialty (Structure, masonry, MEP facilities, etc.). This information is especially useful to visualize and prioritize the construction of the blocks that will produce future time and cost deviations. This guide allows articulation with the other specialties of the work orchestrated by the leadership or project management.

Critical blocks
In the first column, you will be able to differentiate the critical blocks from those that are simple. By tapping or clicking on the blocks in the left column, you will be able to view the block in 3D and its proper location within the work.

Green rows:
They are those that have already been certified previously.

Yellow rows:
They are those that should have been executed on the day, precisely those that must be certified.

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